The Dillon’s Restaurant concept began in 1998, when Co-Owner George Valverde approached Rich Dillon to partner together to bring reality to Valverde’s vision.

That vision has now produced 4 locations.The first Dillon’s Restaurant opened in 1999 and is located on Thunderbird Rd., Peoria.  This location still has much of the original home style, farm house ambiance from the early 1940’s.  Entertainment includes a live band on Friday nights and UFC fights on Saturday nights 

Dillon’s Arrowhead, located at 59th Ave. and the 101, opened in 2005 serving thisgorgeous community of Glendale residents. The Bar and Restaurant hostsanever-growing crowd, of enthusiastic golfers and sports fans, entertained by a live band on Friday and Saturday nights.The Patriot Room is our Salute and Thank You to:  All Our Military, Past and Present, who Serve this Country toPreserve our Freedom, and Keep Us Safe.

January 2016:  We bring you Dillon’s Bayou at Lake Pleasant north of the Valley!  This oasis in the desert is a Huge venue for our “Water Seeking Friends”!!!

Get away from the city norm, with minimal travel, and enjoy the water and mountains of Pleasant Harbor.This enormous Restaurant, Bar &General Store sits right on the lake.  It is air conditioned and heated for your comfort, while serving our “Award Winning Foodand Hospitality that has made Dillon’s Famous”.

Celebrate any large or small family or corporate event.  Rent a boat.  Enjoy water skiing& fishing!  And dine on the Dillon’s food you’ve been craving!

November 2011 brought us our most exciting venue at the Wild Life World Zoo.  R&G BBQ Concepts feeds your hunger and entertains the family.   This unique site hosts a 50,000 gallon shark tank right in the dining room!!   Vibrant pink flamingos entice you to sit on the patio to enjoy their beauty.   After touring the Zoo, this is a perfect end to your visit, while filling your hungry group with Dillon’s Most Famous Barbecue and more.  Great to Know!!… If you choose only to dine, there is no entry fee to eat at Dillon’s.

Dillon’s Restaurants would not be successful without our amazing employees that have been a huge part of our lives.  We have worked together with many of them since 1995.  We are very grateful to their loyalty.  Many of our former employees have gone on to extremely successful careers in medicine and teaching.  Wefeel fortunate to have been a part of their lives and growth. 

Last, but not least We Thank You, Our Guests, for Making Our WorkEnjoyable.


Keeping our Food and Service Standards at their Highest, is

Dillon’s Restaurants’ Continued Commitment

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